Trying Twitter

I was never interested in Twitter because, well, I don’t care what my Internet friends had for breakfast. But in the spirit of not knocking it until I’ve tried it, I’ve set up an account. The only problem is that I have no one to Twitter to (no followers, as Twitterites call it), so if anyone wants to know about the things in my life that are too brief (not more than 140 characters at a time) or just not quite inspired enough to merit a blog post, then I encourage you to add me. Follow me, and I promise not to lead you astray.


3 thoughts on “Trying Twitter

  1. Sounds interesting …he,he ….do you mean”blind following ” …?!
    I hate I don’t have emoticons , try to do something about it .
    And another thing : you don’t have categories here , everything you wrote is “uncategorized” .

  2. hey i am doing the same thing, finally caveing to peer pressure and trying twitter. so far i’m having fun following will wheaton (star trek boy). and if it wasn’t for twitter i wouldn’t have known that jessamyn was sitting right behind me in a conference this past week. i had her twitter page up and she learned over and said “hey that’s me!”. and library hilarity ensued… hope you are having fun with it too.
    -wendyb, lib student @simmons in boston

  3. wendyb, that’s a great story! And it’s a great incentive for people to start following their favourite rockstar librarians.

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