More lists of advice for students

If there’s one thing library bloggers love writing, it’s lists of advice. Here are a couple of recent ones that students might find useful:

And let me assure you, I’m not posting this just so I can end up on someone’s list of lists of lists of advice. ;)


Talking about blogs and Twitter at John Abbott College

Here I am with the organizers of my presentation at John Abbott, wearing my favourite sweater vest

I had been meaning to write a post about the presentation I gave at John Abbott College’s Information and Library Technologies department last month, but it looks like the ABQLA beat me to it. I’ve given this presentation a couple of times before, but I was very happy to have been invited to speak at John Abbott. The students had some very good questions and seemed to be quite interested in what I had to say.

Read all about it from the ABQLA:
Recent Presentation at John Abbott College: Join the Conversation in the Blogosphere

And if you’re interested, you can also check out my slides.