From the Michener Institute blog

From the Dysart & Jones blog

From the Canadian Law Library Review

  • Lavender, G. (2012). [Review of the book Legal information specialists: A guide to launching and building your career, edited by A. L. Demers]. Canadian Law Library Review, 37(4), 187-188.

From The Marginal (McGill School of Information Studies newsletter) – no longer available

  • Why You Should Blog

From the Re:Generations Blog – no longer available

  • Subject guides: an undervalued resource
  • Giving back with the Professional Partnering Program
  • Dressing to impress
  • Job interview preparation techniques
  • Being a generalist vs. being a specialist
  • Getting up to speed in a new subject
  • Weeding: an essential part of collection development
  • SLA: a great conference for academic librarians
  • Library sightseeing
  • Helping students get an A vs. helping them learn
  • More on weeding
  • On meeting with colleagues outside of work
  • Organizing an academic librarians panel for MLIS students
  • iPad vs. Sony Reader: Which is better for student reading?
  • I’ve looked at data from both sides now
  • Becoming a business librarian in an academic library
  • Learn about the future of your library by attending job talks

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