A new student reports on McGill’s MLIS program

I’ve already recommended Hack Library School, but today I want to point out a recent post on that blog. People often ask for my thoughts on McGill’s MLIS program, so this article may be of interest, especially to prospective students. As always, follow the link to read the full post.

From Back to the Beginning by Laura Sanders, AKA @laurainthelib:

Many students work part time through the year. However, because Montreal is a bilingual city, it can be tough to find work if you don’t speak French. That said, McGill has a Work Study program where you can find a job at one of the campus’ many libraries, and French is not required for these positions. Work Study is also a good option for international students, who may not be able to work off campus because of visa restrictions. (On that note, I should add that McGill’s program has a large number of American students. Although international tuition fees are higher than those paid by Quebec or Canadian students, they are still much lower than the tuition fees of many American library schools.)