Web 2.You 2010 follow-up

Michael and Graham

Me (on the right) with Michael Porter, after Web 2.You 2010

It feels like years have passed since Web 2.You 2010, but it’s actually only been three weeks. At any rate, as many of you already know, the event was fantastic. The other speakers gave great talks and were a blast to hang out with, and apparently I didn’t look nearly as nervous as I felt. It was certainly intimidating to present to so many excellent librarians (not to mention discerning students), but one of my former library school profs liked my talk so much that she invited me to give it again in her class. I went ahead with that last week, and it was another great experience. And fortunately I’m not the only one who deemed Web 2.You 2010 a success; here are some other reactions:

Web 2.You at McGill – the little conference that could and does
Web 2.Wow
On Speaking in Montreal

Video clips are on their way, but for now feel free to check out my photos and slides. And for extra credit, take a look through the photos taken by a current SIS student.


7 thoughts on “Web 2.You 2010 follow-up

  1. to quote you at Web 2.You “show a blogger some love and leave a comment” – What a great day. I can’t wait ’til next year!

  2. Is it true you’ve sold your soul to the devil to work in a management library? Librarianship used to be about helping people, not supporting the superstructure so that it can keep its boot firmly on the throats of the workers. Is a job more important than the ideals our hippie forefathers refused to go to war and die for?

    • The rumours are true! But believe it or not, business students and faculty are people too. ;) I’m looking forward to starting my new position at McGill’s Howard Ross Library of Management.

  3. Congrats on your new job! Don’t listen to Mr. Hippie- he’s a grump!

    Can I be your first client? I want to know how to borrow ebook.

  4. I know from my own reading experience that “apparently I didn’t look as nervous as I felt” is a surefire guarantee that you did extremely well! Congrats. Your enthusiasm for the field is contagious.

    And welcome to all to National Poetry Month….

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