The ILSS takes on Re:Generations

Are you interested in academic libraries? If so, you should definitely check out Re:Generations. From their website:

The new CACUL Re:Generations Committee will encourage active engagement in CACUL from new or prospective academic librarians with the goal of revitalizing the organization and making it more accountable to the needs of new librarians. It will contribute to this goal by:

  • Providing advocacy for the needs/ issues/concerns of new librarians to CACUL executive.
  • Dovetailing this new engagement with CACUL with the professional needs of new librarians by providing mentorships, networking events, internships, support for research and new programs that will be of benefit.
  • Facilitating knowledge growth and sharing of memory within the profession

But perhaps even more interesting is their blog, where a team of academic librarians writes on a variety of topics. I’ve become a contributor, and my first post there is now available. I’ve called it Subject guides: an undervalued resource.

Library bloggers like to write about big ideas. Academic freedom, the digital divide, and intellectual property are popular topics in the biblioblogosphere. Today I want to discuss something a bit more mundane but certainly relevant to academic librarianship and hopefully interesting as well. Today I want to talk about subject guides.

Read the rest of my post.


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