Blogs by LIS students and new professionals

Jason Puckett has compiled a nice list of blogs written by new LIS professionals and students (which includes the ILSS – thanks, Jason!) I’ve mentioned a number of these already, and indeed, some are written by my classmates, and they are all worth checking out:

I didn’t actually realize how many I was subscribing to until I went to compose this post. Some of these I’ve been reading for months or years, and some I just added last week. My “New Librarians” subscription folder consists of:

heidi go seek
informing MUVEs
The Inspired Library School Student
Into the Stacks
Jan Dawson, 7/8 librarian
Life as I Know It
New Librarians Blog – Musings of an LIS Student
The Vital Library
What I Learned Today…


10 thoughts on “Blogs by LIS students and new professionals

  1. Wow, sorry about that, Jason! Maybe I was thinking of Phuket, Thailand? (No, I actually just wasn’t thinking at all). Good thing you pointed that out right away.

  2. Hey! Thanks for mentioning us at The New Librarians blog. And we’re always looking for guest bloggers who have something to write about. I’m really not that interesting when you get me in bulk. ;-)

  3. Hi Graham, found your blog through Jason’s post… not sure if I should thank him for compiling a great list of student blogs or curse him for giving me more feeds for my reader though!

    I did mention on his blog though that I seem to have a lack of LIS students in my list of blogs to follow so I really should change that.

  4. One of the major jobs of a librarian is to point users in the direction of good sources. Of course, I find the quality of library blogs to generally be quite high, especially compared to, say, the results a user finds when searching for medical advice on Google, but all of the blogs listed here are ones that I think library school students would be especially interested to discover. Thanks to all of you for all the good work!

  5. “One of the major jobs of a librarian is to point users in the direction of good sources.”

    Yeah, so in your face, Heidi!


    I’ve set up a “New Librarians” blogroll heading at my place, so when the original list scrolls off the bottom there will still be a visible/updated version. You guys please drop me a comment if there are any good ones I’m missing.

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