Unofficial guide to library school

I’ve been reading Jason Hammond’s excellent blog for a while now, but because I view it straight from my RSS reader, it took me until now to discover his Unofficial Guide to UWO FIMS Library School. Although some of it focuses on the University of Western Ontario’s library program, there’s a lot of insight that current and prospective students of any school will find useful (not to mention entertaining). One of my favourite articles is The Twelve Types of Library School Students:

    Summary: Angry at everything, this person has a cause that they will gladly share with you (whether you ask or not.)
    Dress: Tie-dye.  A bandanna is a distinct possibility as well.
    Typical Quote: “I’m boycotting <fill in the blank> because <fill in the other blank>.”
Favourite Book:
No Logo – Naomi Klein
    Ideal Library Role: Community Outreach

    Summary: Men are a minority at library school, filling anywhere from 1/4 to 1/3 of the spots.  Yet, they are a majority in terms of library                 upper-level management positions (this stat is based on my sample size of the four upper level managers I know.  But I suspect it’s pretty             accurate.)  Male library students, being more sensitive than typical men (we cry during the national anthem before Hockey Night in Canada),     tend to feel sincerely guilty about this imbalance.
    Dress: Jean, t-shirts, backwards ball cap. 
    Typical Quote: (about men in library school) “If you’re a man in library school, it’s likely that you’re either gay, married or weird.  Possibly all t       three.”
    Favourite Book: Catcher in the Rye – JD Salinger
    Ideal Library Role: Reference (since so many men think they know everything anyhow)


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