Checking in

This is just a brief post to let everyone know where I’m at. The last time I wrote was just before starting World of Webcraft last summer, so I’ll pick things up from there.

I met a fantastic group of people in the program, and I learned way more about Drupal than I’d ever expected. I would have been happy to stick around at Myplanet, but in the end they decided they weren’t able to hire any of the Webcrafters (and from the looks of things, they won’t be offering the program again).

In September, I received a call from Tim and Vince at The Pixel Shop, where I had worked briefly a few months earlier. They needed a Project Manager, so I started a new contract with them. In many ways, the role was similar to my previous Liaison Librarian roles; it involved working with clients to understand their needs, and then working with the designers and developers to make sure those needs were met. One of my major projects was the redesigned Dufflet website, which was a lot of fun, though it was sometimes frustrating to look at pictures of delicious desserts all day!

My contract ended a couple of weeks ago, so now I’m ready for something new. The possibilities at the intersection of information and technology are endless, so I’m sure I’ll find something challenging and interesting.

New library community site: LibGig

Today I came across a new site that has the potential to become an important resource for library-folk:

Sections include job postings, info about ALA-accredited schools, and social networking tools for information professionals. From the site:

LibGig is a new professional networking website dedicated to bringing together everyone who accesses, organizes, creates, manages, produces or distributes information for a living.

Our goal is to establish a common, human link within the enormous and multi-faceted information industry through dialogue, interaction and sharing of interesting stories, as well as dynamic and exclusive content that encourages feedback and debate.