About Graham

bitmaker labs nov 2013 - 53I’m so glad you’ve stopped by for a visit. My name is Graham Lavender. This page was originally written entirely in third person, which may have been better for my site’s SEO, but this is much more intimate, don’t you think?

After learning the basics of web development, I became a Project Manager at The Pixel Shop in Toronto. I’ve always marvelled at the potential of the web, and now I’m thrilled to have the skills to make my own dent in the technological universe. When not saving the world through the web, I enjoy drinking fine Darjeeling tea, taking photos of the people and landscapes around me, and spending time with my wonderful librarian wife.

I started blogging while working on my Master of Library and Information Studies degree in 2008, after seeing a presentation on starting your own blog by John Dupuis. My blog was originally called The Inspired Library School Student, and it covered issues of interest to other students; old ILSS posts are still available in the GrahamLavender.com blog archives.

For articles and blog posts published elsewhere, see More writing by Graham.

Please feel free to contact me at glavender@gmail.com, or through social media:

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